Location : Lat. 26° 5’ N ; Log. 900 42’ E
District : Goalpara
State : Assam
Excavation years : 1998-90 & 1999-2000
Director of Excavations : Lal Chand Singh & G.C.Chauley
Assisted by :

B. Nath, D.K.Ambastha, D.K.Singh & N.K.Sinha,


Surya Pahar is situated about 140 km. west of Guwahati in district Goalpara, Assam. As reflected by its name it is hilly terrain where several rock-cut Shivalingas, votive stupas and the deities of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain pantheon are scattered in an area of about one km.

A rock–cut panel depicting twelve sun god (Dvadasaditya) is kept in a unfinished modern temple.

The excavation work has been conducted jointly in collaboration with Guwahati Circle on the mound locally know as Dasabhuja. The remains of a brick temple exposed having plan of a sanctum and porch enclosed within an enclosure wall. The remains of square brick platform have been found, inside the sanctum probably for the main deity.


The rectangular porch/mandapa is in front of sanctum. The entrance has been provided from north-east direction. The outer walls of sanctum and porch were decorated with terracotta plaques. Few terracotta plaques were also found, in situ, on the wall.

In the north-west direction outside the enclosure wall another small shrine was also exposed.


Among the antiquities, fragments of terracotta plaque depicting decorative design, different type of Kirtimukhas and one stone head of a deity probably of Vishnu have been found, datable to early medieval period.
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