Bangarh mound is situated on the left bank of Punarbhaba river a tributary of the Ganga river. It is located about 75 Kms. north-east from Malda town in the South Dinajpur District of West Bangal. Bangarh ruins are some of 1.5 Kms. towards north from Gangarampur Police Station. It is situated about 350 Kms. north of Kolkata and is about 300 Kms. south of Siligudi. Balurghat is about 35 Kms west from Bangarh, is the District Head Quarter of South Dinajpur.

A good number of terracotta tiles, stone pieces and fragment of architectural member collected.   


Pot shreds of Sultanat glazed ware and Red Ware are encountered during the excavation. Iron nails, terracotta plaques and few stone beads are the main antiquities recovered from the excavation.
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